Saturday, December 31, 2011

Something About College

Most people watch movies for pure entertainment, the hot women and men in the shows, the steaming bedroom scenes or even to keep up with their favorite actor. I would have to admit so do I. Sometimes it's just to see the latest fashions, dances, hairstyles or it can be for the message behind the story if there is one.

I wonder if you ever paid attention to how all of the actors and their friends are always successful, dress well, and eat at the best restaurants and party at the best places in town?

Well, it's due to hard work and progress. Let's take a look at a few movies that showcase some top careers. Take a look at the movies highlighted below:

The Pursuit of Happiness is a story of life's ups and downs, joys and pains, laughter and tears. In the film the lead character played a struggling father taking care of his son, finding a place to stay every night and trying to work hard for a job to create a better life. Also, in the movie you will notice the other students who are fresh out of college or finishing, which make it even harder to get the desired internship.

Not everyone can afford to do an unpaid internship and survive. Online education gives you the opportunity to do so. Think about it. Concluding his internship, Chris was called into a meeting with his managers. His work had finally paid off and he was offered the position. Fighting back tears, he hurries to his son's daycare to hug him because he knew that things were going to get better.This story tells us that anything is possible with hard work and determination. It also reveals that Chris went on to form his own multimillion dollar brokerage firm.

Legally Blonde is another remarkable movie that tells a story of a life filled with a college education and life education. The story starts out with a young lady who has what she considers the guy of her dreams until he breaks up with her.The young lady named "Elle" travel to law school where her ex-boyfriend is attending school with hopes of getting back together. Of course, that doesn't happen and the most important part is how Elle finds her way through life and is determined to be all that she can be. I like to call it self-discovering, in which, one realizes the power inside of them.

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