Sunday, March 11, 2012

How To Help With Math Homework?

Your kids come home with homework every day. Make sure that you are prepared for helping children to read and support them with their school work. It may be overwhelming to try to explain these math concepts to your child, so set yourself up for success and equip yourself with some tools that will help you explain math to your child.

Set up a homework help space and a storage system for the tools that will assist you in helping with math homework.

• Make sure that scrap paper is always available. It will come in handy when you want to write out a solution and some important tips for your child to remember. It will also come in handy as a good Math Tutor Online if you want your child to work out a calculation too.

• Alternately, you may prefer using a whiteboard to scrap paper. Additionally, your child may prefer the larger visual aid.

• Make some manipulatives available. A jar of beads or buttons and some small cups can come in handy if you want to demonstrate skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The hands-on experience will help your child grasp these concepts.

• Have a multiplication fact chart available for quick reference. Allow your child to use it to verify their calculations, not as a source for answers.

• A calculator is another helpful resource that should only be used to verify calculations. Discourage your child from relying on the calculator instead of exercising mental math skills.

Furthermore, some computer software may act as a useful resource for helping children to read. You can use the computer to support your child's math homework and further explain key concepts. Each of the following resources is worth exploring.

• SMART Notebook provides animations that you can use to demonstrate different concepts. Explore the gallery's interactive multimedia files for help, like an interactive protractor and animated flash cards.

• Kidsperation is another interactive software that will help you as a Math Tutor Online. This resource is particularly helpful when explaining place value. You may like the representations of place value blocks available.

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