Friday, February 17, 2012

How Student Stress Relief Techniques?

Exam time brings a lot of stress with it but you also need to know some stress relief techniques. A little stress is always better. It nudges you to prepare yourself for the coming flood of exam questions. But you need to take care that - this little nudge never topples you down. Significant stress might disconnect you from your daily life. Many are pushed to the verge of trying drugs and alcohol.

Students are an integral part of our society. Being a responsible citizen we cannot push the young blood into oblivion. They are the resources to the success of any country. So if you are the parent, someone concerned or a student yourself I would suggest read properly and try to implicate these stress busters into your schedule.

These stress relief techniques are sure to help you on your way to success in life. You should always remember that a student is with college, studies, tuition, sports and joint studies always. There is little time to incorporate some foreign methods to relieve stress.

That's why it is appropriate quick, and relevant to enjoy the journey from the very start. The following Student Relief Techniques are grouped together:

1st. Power Naps

Have power naps for stress relief. When you constantly work up your brain for knowledge it begs to take rest. In fact naps help you to get more productive in the long run.

2nd. Visualizations

Visualization is a guided imaginary tour to your most lovable dreams. Relax your body and give your mind some happy time while you make the tour.

3rd. Exercise

The healthiest way to for stress relief is by exercising. Exercising works up your body and forces the body to release endorphins and reduce the level of cortisol - a stress hormone.

4th. Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercise is the best way to win over stress. You have to take deep gradual full and natural long breath in. This calms you down within minutes and you are clear to think straight and logically.

5th. PMR

Progressive Muscle Relaxation or PMR is a technique that you can practice before going to bed. This technique involves constantly relaxing and tensing all the muscles of your body till you're completely relaxed.

6th. Music

Different music has different effects on a person. Some music relieves you while others inspire you. Some help you to concentrate and work better. You have to identify your own genre of music to help you beat stress. Remember music is an excellent stress relief.

7th. Staying Organized

Have a clean and a well-organized place of study. The more you calming and soothing effect it has on you the more confident are you going to get when you start with a particular work.

8th. Eat Right

Food is the resource to keep you going. It is the energy vault which when used in the right way can increase your stamina and concentration to an unknown height and calibre.

9th. Self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is an effective power productivity tool. You can release tension and acquire stress relief for your mind and body. Get to a relaxing position and constantly play in your mind a goal that you have kept for yourself.

10th. Positive Thinking and Affirmations

Finally remember to be an optimist. It always helps.

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