Friday, February 3, 2012

Ways A Shy Student Can Have A Successful And Social College Experience

For many students, earning a Bachelor's degree is a chance to come out of their shells, socially. As a college student, you will grow and develop as a person, often gaining more self-confidence and security within your social group. Finding supportive friends during college will help you to overcome your shyness. But what college setting is right for you? Shy students can find satisfaction in any number of Bachelor's degree program choices.

If you are a shy student, you are certainly not alone. Many college students are shy and consequently a little nervous about beginning their Bachelor's degree programs. Fortunately, social anxiety is something that can be overcome if you make an effort to push yourself beyond your comfort zone on a regular basis. The college program that you choose should give you regular opportunities to overcome your personal challenges.

For many shy students, a small college is a good choice. In a college with only a couple thousand students, you'll know almost everyone by the time you complete your Bachelor's degree. You'll have closer relationships with your professors, too. Another added benefit of attending a small college is that your class sizes will be less intimidating. If you find it frightening to speak in front of a class of 100 people, a class of 10 people may be more your speed.

Of course, there are some negative points to attending a small college if you're shy. For one, the social pool will be considerably smaller, so if you don't find a group of friends that you fit into, you may feel isolated and unhappy in your Bachelor's degree program. You also won't get to enjoy the anonymity of attending college on a larger campus, which some shy students prefer. It is up to you to determine if the atmosphere and close-knit community feel of a small college is right for you.

It may seem counterintuitive for a shy student to choose a large university from which to earn his or her Bachelor's degree, but many students with varying degrees of social anxiety actually find that they fit in just fine at a large school. For one, you'll see new faces every day, allowing you to find just where you fit in. You'll have many opportunities to overcome your shyness by talking to new people.

What many shy students find they dislike about large universities is that the classes are often impersonal. When you earn your Bachelor's degree at a school with tens of thousands of students, many of your courses will take place in lecture halls that hold hundreds of people. If it is your goal to become a more confident public speaker, you may not have that opportunity at a larger school.

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